Visual identity

Visual identity

The solidity of tradition, the energy of renewal: these are the two identifiers for Arte Fiera 2023’s communication.

This edition’s visual identity proudly reclaims the essential, modern shapes and colors that have made Arte Fiera famous, energizing them and launching them into the future: an impetus for innovation that has always characterized the Fair.

We decided not to add anything to what Arte Fiera already is and represents, and have used only the original colors: red, black, and white.

The red circle, the Fair’s traditional logo, remains the primary element of visual identity. But now the circle has become dynamic, coming to life and pirouetting in space with harmonic, animated motion, symbolizing the change that Arte Fiera has undertaken. 

Arte Fiera’s communication is now enhanced with scripts, manual additions of notes and comments to the main messages: a more informal and personalized way to dialog with its art-loving public.  

All of these elements represent the new Arte Fiera: tradition and progress, faithfulness and vitality.

The Fair’s visual identity is curated by Leftloft.