Founded in Turin in 1872, Jacobacci & Partners is today a major European firm specialized in the protection of intellectual property.

All forms of innovation and creativity should be safeguarded with great care and commitment. This was what led Enrica Acuto Jacobacci, the firm’s CEO, to start a corporate collection some fifteen years ago, creating a direct link between contemporary art and the company’s mission of protecting original ideas. This was the beginning of the “Arte e Progetto” collection, curated by Elena Re.

With the opening of offices in Bologna, Jacobacci & Partners finds itself again in a position to support art with its “Arte e Progetto” Award at Arte Fiera 2019. The work, selected by a jury made up of Eva Brioschi, Stefano Collicelli Cagol, Andrea Viliani and Elena Re, will be purchased and become part of the corporate collection in the new Bologna offices.

In line with the company’s mission, the core aim of the work selected will be intellectual endeavor and the attempt to go beyond the known. Rather than technique or date of production, the selection criterion will focus on the idea underpinning the work and the intellectual process that went into it.


  • Eva Brioschi, curator La Gaia Collection, Busca (CN)
  • Stefano Collicelli Cagol, curator, La Quadriennale Foundation, Rome
  • Andrea Viliani, Director, Madre, Naples
  • Elena Re, independent curator and curator of the Jacobacci Collection, Turin



The Jury unanimously assigned the Arte e Progetto Award to Untitled, 2018 by the artist Bernd Ribbeck (Colonia 1974) in recognition of the open structure of the work, its ability to dialogue with space and the inhabitants of that space, and the expressive stratification of materials, techniques and multiple references. The jury also acknowledged the consistency of the cultural project developed over time by the Norma Mangione Gallery, and finally, the alignment with Jacobacci&Partners’ corporate mission.