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Pad. 18 Stand C/44

Gallery Directors

Silvia Ricci

Granelli Gallery is a gallery of modern and contemporary art to Castiglioncello (Leghorn). The artistic trends the gallery follows most are currently: Italian Pop Art, Arte Povera, Kinetic Art, Fluxus and Visual Poetry. In 1992 the gallery was officially opened with the direction of Graziella Granelli and took on a Pop Art style right from the beginning. Silvia Ricci, having worked with her parents for years, from 2004 she is passed to the artistic direction of the gallery, developing this long-standing passion with new projects.The exhibitions of Italian Pop Art “Angeli Festa Schifano 1960s -1970s”, personal shows dedicated to Pino Pascali have been very important milestones.The gallery has followed also the Kinetic Art with the collective "Creative Eye", subsequently two very important retrospectives dedicated to Bruno Munari and a personal show dedicated to H. Garcia Rossi.In 2019, once again a deepening of Italian Pop Art, with the important exhibition dedicated to Mario Schifano


Via Marconi 1/D
57016 Castiglioncello (LI) Italy
Tel. 0586 752069; 348 3337010
Web: http://www.galleriagranelli.it
E-mail: info@galleriagranelli.it


Baco da Setola
Pino Pascali

Pesce Sega
Pino Pascali

Tela di ragno
Pino Pascali

Pino Pascali

Pino Pascali