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Pad. 15 Stand C/26

Gallery Directors

Davide Paludetto
Jessica Quadrelli

Founded in 2011, the gallery's artistic activity is characterized by cycles of exhibitions focused on a group of talented Italian and foreign artists, both young newcomers and estabilished ones. The poetic proposals are capable of projecting an original vision on the global world that has not lost its link with the place of origin. The desire is to dwell on an introspective reflection on several voices on the origin of Italy, in order to underline the still current strength of a national artistic tradition. At the same time, glancing over and across the Alps allows the gallery to stay up to date internationally, with the aim of integrating different artistic paths. Since 2016, it has inaugurated the new and larger exhibition venue and a parallel Project Room, an exhibition space adjacent to the main gallery, dedicated to individual projects by young artists invited to create site-specific installations.


Via Artisti, 10
10124 Torino (TO) Italy
Tel. +39011888641
Web: http://www.davidepaludetto.com
E-mail: info@davidepaludetto.com


Salvatore Astore

FIAT 600
Ferdi Giardini

Sergio Ragalzi

Il Cavallo di Napoleone
Nicus LucĂ 

Serie Zero
Paolo Grassino

Domenico Borrelli