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Umberto Di Marino

Pad. 15 Stand D/15

Gallery Directors

Umberto Di Marino
Maria di Niola
Giosuè Di Marino

Umberto Di Marino began his career in 1995 in Giugliano(Na), focusing on the development of themes related to the coexistence and/or the conflictual nature of artistic language with respect to the social context The exhibitions that marked an important phase in the history of the art gallery are:Napoli Borderline by V.Pisani(2001),Femmes absolues by G.M.Montesano(2003),Pas au de là by S.Hirose(2004) In 2005 the inauguration of a new gallery in the centre of Napoli with the exhibition of vedovamazzei offered the opportunity to launch new initiatives with Italian and international artists such as J.Castro, S.Vega, F.Jodice, A.Di Fabio,S.Cucullu, L.Francesconi,E.Tibaldi, F.Grilli, M.Raparelli,A.Manso who have turned their attention entirely to political, social and anthropological themes, as has been done even more extensively by the Provenances in 2009 with E.Beltrán,S.Fujiwara,J.Mitjà;The horizon line is here in 2010 with E.Bajo,U.von Brandenburg,R.Lagomarsino,P.Neves Marques, A.Romão


Via Alabardieri 1
80121 Napoli (NA) Italy
Tel. +390810609318
Web: http://www.galleriaumbertodimarino.com
E-mail: info@galleriaumbertodimarino.com


Hey Megaphone That What’s Shaking
Santiago Cucullu

Melancholy by the man who thinks to the tree (Pier delle Vigne)
Luca Francesconi

Ana Manso

Ana Manso

disegno popolare 1
Luca Francesconi

Birth of a Pyramid
Santiago Cucullu