Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 15 Stand E/10

Gallery Directors

Marcella Manni

Metronom is an art gallery and publishing house based in Modena. Founded by Marcella Manni, Metronom is committed to researching and promoting projects related to contemporary visual culture through personal and collective exhibitions of Italian and international artists. The attention to the creative practices of the emerging generations finds a dedicated place in the video wall, where contents connected to digital experimentation are presented through an active 24h screen, positioned in the gallery window. Metronom promotes national and international initiatives, in collaboration with public and private institutions. Alongside the exhibition program, Metronom is dedicated to theoretical research and critical debate, through the annual conference and the bilingual magazine of the Generazione Critica’s project. Metronom has launched the Metronom Books editorial project, dedicated to artist books and limited editions with the direct involvement of the authors.


41121 Modena (MO) Italy
Tel. +39059239501
Web: http://www.metronom.it
E-mail: metronom@metronom.it


Existential Nightmare
Christto & Andrew

Transhuman Existence II
Christto & Andrew

A message from Venus
Christto & Andrew

Computers in Control
Christto & Andrew

Christto & Andrew

Sneaker Footprint on Mars
Christto & Andrew