Pad. 15 Stand E/29

Gallery Directors

Marco Rossi

MARCOROSSI artecontemporanea is a network of art galleries, founded in 1994, with four galleries based in northern Italy: Milan, Pietrasanta, Turin, and Verona. All venues are run by a professional staff and supervised by the founder Marco Rossi. Since the beginning, the gallery program focused on painting and sculpture, including work of Italian and international artists, both historical figures and emerging artists. More recently, the gallery have addressed the interest in contemporary photography, starting new collaborations with young photographers. The gallery represents the work of Arcangelo, Sergi Barnils, Valerio Berruti, Giosetta Fioroni, Marco Gastini, Franco Guerzoni, Rune Guneriussen, Paolo Icaro, David Lindberg, Mirco Marchelli, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Medhat Shafik, The Bounty Killart, Paolo Ventura, and WA 22.


Corso Venezia 29
20121 Milano (MI) Italy
Tel. +3902795483
Web: http://www.marcorossiartecontemporanea.com
E-mail: info@marcorossiartecontemporanea.com

Via Garibaldi 18/A
Verona (VE) Italy
Tel. +39045597753
E-mail: verona@marcorossiartecontemporanea.com

Via della Rocca 36
Torino (TO) Italy
Tel. +390118390013
E-mail: torinostudio@marcorossiartecontemporanea.com

Via Garibaldi 16, Piazza Giordano Bruno 3
Pietrasanta (LU) Italy
Tel. +39058471799
E-mail: pietrasanta@marcorossiartecontemporanea.com


Isolated Convert Coactive Growth
Rune Guneriussen

Engineering the Collapsable City
Rune Guneriussen

Memories of Infantile Amnesia
Rune Guneriussen

Matters Evolved to Present Shelter
Rune Guneriussen

A Perceptive Grim Emptiness
Rune Guneriussen