Exhibitors by alphabetical index

Exhibitors by alphabetical index



Pad. 18 Stand B/14

Gallery Directors

Stanislao de Bonis

The history of the de’ Bonis Art Gallery is closely attached to the figure of its owner, Stanislao de’ Bonis who started his personal experience in Reggio Emilia. Artistic and historic research, bibliographic and documentary analysis of each work of art are the distinctive traits of the Gallery Behind each painting lies a deep study of the artist, the historic context in which he lived and the placement of his style all of which are in line with the mission of the Gallery de’ Bonis Gallery has embarked upon a strong choice in the direction of historic 20th century art work concentrating its efforts on monographic exhibitions of artists the likes of Sironi, Morandi, Tozzi and Guttuso while affirming itself as a strong reality in the national Italian art scene Renato Guttuso has become the principle interest of the gallery on both a commercial and historical artistic research level bringing de’ Bonis to be identified as an important point of reference for the Italian market by the Artist


42121 Reggio Emilia (RE) Italy
Tel. 338 3731881; 0522 580605
Web: http://www.galleriadebonis.com
E-mail: info@galleriadebonis.com


volpe in fuga
Antonio Ligabue

ritratti di famiglia
Mario Tozzi

natura morta onirica
Renato Guttuso

natura morta con bottiglia di Madeira
Renato Guttuso

portatrice d'acqua
Mario Tozzi

setter in ferma
Antonio Ligabue