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artefiera 2017

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The new layout for Arte Fiera 2017 develops across two large pavilions of the Bologna Exhibition Centre housing the displays of the 153 exhibiting galleries.

MAIN SECTION and a series of SOLO SHOWS will be held, both of these chosen by the artistic director together with a selection committee. The two sections include 133 galleries, to which can be added those of the curatorial sectors. The gallery owners and managers involved in the Committee, selected based on their interest in modern or contemporary art and their origin within the territory are: Laura Trisorio, Studio Trisorio, Naples; Marco Niccoli, Galleria Niccoli, Parma; Massimo Di Carlo, Galleria dello Scudo, Verona, Alessandra Bonomo, Galleria Alessandra Bonomo, Rome. Further guaranteeing the high quality of the event are the international figures involved in the art market: the curator Roberto Pinto(Professor of History of Contemporary Art at the University of Bologna) and the art historian Maria Grazia Messina (Professor of History of Contemporary Art, University of Florence and President of the Technical Committee ‘Art and contemporary architecture urban periphery’ at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism). 

Art Fiera will be completed with a small section of new proposals curated by Simone Frangi, entitled NUEVA VISTA and dedicated to the artists considered worthy of a new critical reinterpretation, not only young artists.

A new section of PHOTOGRAPHY curated by Anglea Vettese.

The experts’ meticulous and disciplined analysis led to the decision to create an edition of the fair that is more compact with a lower number of participants compared with previous editions in spite of the increasing demand for admission. Ate Fiera aims to serve as a venue for the exhibition and sale of modern and contemporary art, which we have decided to present mixed together, and at the same time as a location for reflection on the themes and languages of the latest current events,” explains the new artistic director Angela Vettese.

Welcoming the visitors to Arte Fiera 2017 will also be a new bookshop “Printville” curated by A+Mbookstore, an innovative space that proposes rare volumes as well as remaindered books from the König bookshop in Cologne alongside the usual selection of books and art catalogues.

Alongside the Bookshop the area TALK will offer a rich programme of meetings, some of which will be dedicated to the more interesting publishing propositions at the bookshop.


curated by Simone Frangi

Designed as a pilot edition (in a spirit of exploration) the section Nueva Vista lays the foundations for the development of a curatorial project within the fair context: a project that reflects on the intricate and controversial relationship between artistic research and the market, producing at the same time a precise critical look capable of transversally observing generational and geographical origins of artists and galleries involved.

Nueva Vista is designed, in fact, in order to shed light on, within a commercial context, the balancing point between discourse and saleability of emerging artistic research, between a critical process and formalization, between planning commitment in social and political spheres and sustainability. Particular attention has been reserved, and will be reserved in future, to those galleries that investigate and reflect critically on that ideological cut-off point imposed between Western and non-Western artistic practices.


curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli

A new section entitled Special Projects, curated by Chiara Vecchiarelli, will bring performance to the fair, at MAMbo and the city’s science museums with a series of Artist Lectures.

An emerging phenomenon on the international contemporary scene, the artist lecture is a performative work that uses devices such as the lecture, the guided tour and lessons as aesthetic media.

In an age in which art is once again considered as a form of knowledge, this genre becomes an opportunity to produce a new relationship between discourse and art practices. Knowledge itself becomes matter: matter to be rendered plastic and malleable.

The artist lecture experience comes to Bologna, with a performance programme articulated in two series: the Time Specific Artist Lectures, designed to inflect the relationship between past, present and future by creating and exploring resonances between artworks, and the Site Specific Artist Lectures – performances linked to a specific location – that will enter into dialogue with the collections of the city's science museums, and the way knowledge is presented in the individual museum settings.


curated by Master in Photography

Arte Fiera 2017 is undertaking an experiment that sheds light on the independent world of photography and art in an attempt not to trace a fontier between the disciplines but rather to find a shared space between the two.

The experiment aims to propose, within a consolidated art fair, a moment dedicated to production and discussion for experts from the sector, authors and students.

The thought guiding the approach to this sector of production, within the world of art, photography and publishing, is led by the idea that in recent history a large part of the debate has originated in the independent and underground spaces.

In order to transform this position into a visible product with which the public can interact, Arte Fiera has organized four particular situations:


Mostra GENDA – THE BODY AS PACKAGING, Genda  is an independent publishing and curatorial project, a magazine with a double editorial staff: one in Italy, the other in China and edited by A+Mbookstore, gathering contributions from Chinese and Western artists in order to produce and verify the existence of a reciprocal dialogue.


PRINTVILLE, is the bookshop that aims to offer the latest contemporary Italian and foreign productions in the world of art and photography, productions that originate mainly from independent publishers who usually work in small teams and with print runs of a maximum of 500 copies. The bookshop will be curated by A+Mbookstore with Humboldt Books.


TALKS, authors, curators, publishers, gallery owners and managers and collectors discuss the issues of the contemporary project: such as how collaborations, translations and languages of independent production have found space within the institutions and the market.


curated by benedetta Pomini

Agenda Independents is an exhibition that presents the works of Franco Ariaudo, Alessandro Calabrese, Stefano Canto, Feng Chen, Kenta Kobayashi, Giuseppe De Mattia, Pedro hernandez, Joanna Piotrowska and Alberto Sinigaglia.

In an attempt to map a series of experiences recognised as fundamental within the contemporary art scene, the exhibition originates from the meeting between some Italian and international galleries, brought together by a shared sensibility and attention to photography and its recent developments. Selected based on the quality of their research, Capsule, Colli Independent, G/P Gallery, Madragoa, Materia, Metronom, Pedro Alfacinha and Viasaterna have been invited to take part in an exhibition that, on one hand positions itself as a genuine exploration to investigate the increasingly frequent contamination between photography and other artistic languages, and on the other aims to provide evidence of the positive fragmentation of a clearly unique scenario.


Bologna Fiere

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