In March 2020, as a reaction to the first lockdown, Arte Fiera launched a digital initiative called InGalleria: every week, six galleries from the 2020 edition were invited to present their current exhibit on this website by means of a selection of images and a brief introductory text. It was a way to keep the focus on the galleries’ programme when their spaces were closed to the public.

As part of PLAYLIST, InGalleria has returned in a special and unique way: all of the 2020 exhibitors were invited to simultaneously present their current, or most recent, or upcoming exhibit on the Arte Fiera website. This is not an online fair: it focuses exclusively on the programme in the galleries’ spaces. Think of it as a “digital showcase” to increase the visibility of their exhibits after a year in which, due to reduced or completely banned mobility, such visibility was drastically limited. Given the inclusive and “service” nature of the initiative, the Arte Fiera Selection Committee has invited about 20 more Italian galleries (or foreign galleries with an office in Italy) to take part. It is a way for Arte Fiera to stress the fundamental importance of the galleries’ work and to continue its dialogue with them while awaiting the 2022 edition.