Lexus Award - Morini Group

Lexus Award - Morini Group

Morini Group has operated in the Automotive field for forty years. With a network of showrooms throughout Emilia-Romagna, it markets prestigious brands (Lexus, Toyota, Infiniti, Nissan, GTR, Honda, Subaru, Cadillac, Camaro, Corvette) and vehicles with avant-garde technologies in the sustainable mobility sector, offering a constantly evolving range that includes full-hybrid and 100% electric models.

In the 1990s, Morini group expanded its focus to vehicles with low environmental impact by acquiring the Lexus brand, now the top name in hybrid and electric technology and the first to offer a 100% full hybrid electric range. Lexus has constantly expanded its market presence, with models including sedans, coupés, and SUVs, with special mention for the latest model – the RX Full Hybrid Plug In – on display at Arte Fiera.

The Morini Group Award, making its debut in 2023, regards the acquisition at Arte Fiera of a work by an emerging artist that concerns sustainable mobility, relations with the environment, and ecology.


  • Armando Pachera, CEO of Morini Group
  • Cecilia Canziani, art historian and curator
  • Gabriele Tosi, independent curator

Selected artists

  • Nicola Lo Calzo, The bearers of the triumphal chariot at the end of the procession, 2018 (Podbielski Contemporary, Hall 25 Stand B/56)
  • Eva Marisaldi, Parties, 2007 (De' Foscherari, Hall 25 Stand B/4)
  • Andrea Respino, Fontana II, 2022 (Monitor, Hall 25 Stand B/26)

Winning artist: ANDREA RESPINO

Title of work: Fontana II, 2022, coloured pencil on paper, 50x40 cm

Winning gallery: Monitor (Hall 25 Stand B/26)

Motivation: The jury considered the variety of the media and the abundance of exceptional works proposed in the various sections of Arte Fiera, and identified, in this work by Andrea Respino, an artist who merges past and present, tradition and innovation, creating an entire world by means of attention to detail. 

Awarding Ceremony