Now in its second edition, the Jacobacci & Partners’ ‘Arte e Progetto’ Award is a form of accolade for the cultural project underlying one of the galleries participating in Arte Fiera 2022.

Whether it is an up-and-coming gallery or one already with a long history behind it, the aim is to reward the idea and the underlying vision implemented in part through the exhibition proposal featured at the fair. The parameters on which the award will be given are therefore ones of cultural commitment, coherence and, at the same time, the freshness of an idea that sets out from the everyday activity of the gallery and which is then projected and expressed within the context of Arte Fiera.

Founded in Turin in 1872, today Jacobacci & Partners is one of Europe’s leading companies in the protection of intellectual property. Innovation and creativity constitute a form of heritage to be safeguarded in all their expressions, and with great sensitivity and commitment. This is why twenty years ago, Enrica Acuto Jacobacci – the company’s CEO – decided to launch a corporate collection, triggering a dialogue between contemporary art and their work on the protection of ideas. This is how the ‘Arte e Progetto’ Collection came about, of which Elena Re is the curator. It is a collection that also serves as an incubator for numerous other cultural projects.

On the occasion of Jacobacci & Partners’ 150th anniversary, the celebrations will commence in Bologna. And in keeping with the company’s mission, the award will be presented once again at Arte Fiera, celebrating the importance of ideas themselves.


Elena Re - Art Critic and corporate collection Jacobacci & Partners Curator
Luca Lo Pinto - Artistic Director MACRO – Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma
Giorgio Fasol - Collector 

Selected galleries:

Winning gallery: Vistamare Milano - Pescara 

(discover the gallery at Arte Fiera 2022)

Motivation: From its very opening, the Gallery has demonstrated great consistency and quality in its choice of artists and in its exhibitions, creating dialogue among artists of different generations, as confirmed by its stand at the Fair, which combines these elements in an installation conceived by Airò as a large visual score, shared with Spalletti’s coloured silence and Jodice’s black and white noise. 



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