Officina Arte Ducati Award

Officina Arte Ducati Award


The Officina Arte Ducati Award, making its debut in 2024, regards the acquisition of a work on paper from those exhibited in the Percorso format; the work will become part of the corporate collection of the world-famous motorcycle brand. The selection criteria, including design, innovation, and rapidity, are linked to the company’s identity.

Ducati is a partner of Arte Fiera, the modern and contemporary art fair that has been held annually in Bologna since 1974, and which therefore celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2024. In its 50 years of history, Arte Fiera has become one of the most important events on the national and international art scene, while remaining firmly linked to Bologna and the local territory – the same territory in which Ducati has its roots. Specifically, Ducati is linked to Arte Fiera by its support of Percorso, an itinerary that connects a selection of galleries in the Main Section by means of a thematic criterion, and whose name expresses the concept of mobility and dynamism. The theme for the 2024 edition of Percorso is design, a multifaceted language that unites artists of different generations and styles, and is an essential element of Ducati’s identity. 

In addition, Ducati plays an active role in the fair by means of the Officina Arte Ducati Award, assigned to the work in Percorso which, according to a jury, is the best expression of Ducati’s brand values: beyond the design component, dynamism and innovation, however expressed.

High-performance motors, distinctive design, innovative technologies, and great passion: this is the credo by which Ducati, founded in 1926, still works today as it develops and manufactures its world-famous motorcycles. At its factory in Borgo Panigale (Bologna), Ducati creates motorcycles that are the purest expression of refined engineering, with constant attention to the highest quality standards.

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer has racing in its blood, and its official teams compete in MotoGP, WorldSBK and WorldSSP championships, facing every race with determination. Its goal is to constantly improve performance and share the sport’s emotions with its community. In 2023, Ducati won the Constructors’ and Teams’ titles for the second consecutive year in both MotoGP and WorldSBK, as well as the same titles in the WorldSSP championship.

Driven by passion and fueled by racing spirit, Ducati proudly brings Made in Italy to 90 countries throughout the world.


Stefano Tarabusi, Design Manager Ducati Motor Holding
Andrea Bruciati, Director of Istituto Villa Adriana e Villa d'Este
Camilla Roversi Monaco, Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and LabOratorio degli Angeli S.r.l. technical director


  • Marino Marini, Il cavaliere, 1940s (Guastalla Centro Arte, B78)
  • Gianni Piacentino, Projects, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s (Enrico Astuni, A25)
  • Alberto Tadiello, Ossicodone 2, 2020 (Umberto Di Marino, B8)

Winner: Alberto Tadiello
Title of work: Ossicodone 2, 2020, mixed media on chipboard, metal profile frame, 190 x 155 x 4 cm
Gallery: Umberto Di Marino, B8

Motivation: Alberto Tadiello’s work is profoundly linked to the Ducati philosophy because it captures the idea of speed and beauty (including through the representation of sound) with great technical skill and an organized articulation of the entire surface. Energy, sound, beauty, dynamism, and speed mark both Alberto Tadiello’s project and Ducati design. 

Photogallery of the Award Ceremony