Arte Fiera Daily: February 3


Between Exhibition and Fair: Entre Chien et Loup, International Conference

The second part of the international conference Between Exhibition and Fair: Entre Chien et Loup, curated by Angela Vettese and Clarissa Ricci, promoted by Arte Fiera and organised by the Iuav University of Venice, under the patronage of the University of Bologna, will take place today at 11:45 at the Fair,  Talk Area - Service Centre, earthfloor - BolognaFiere.

Details and schedule are available on the this page.

Euromobil Award

The award will be presented during Arte Fiera today at 4 pm at Printville Bookshop.

The twelfth edition of the Gruppo Euromobil Under 30 Award is addressed to Italian and foreign artists under the age of thirty whose works are exhibited at Arte Fiera. The Prize will be assigned by a jury of experts and critics.  and the winner will be invited to ‘interact' with the Collections of the Gruppo Euromobil, main sponsor of Arte Fiera.

Polis / Special Projects: Hana Lee Erdman

Companionship and Telepathic Elegance by Hana Lee Herdman will take place today at 6pm at Fondazione Collegio Artistico Venturoli. This performance of companionship applies principles of interspecies relations through choreography and image making in order to expand a possible repertoire of human relations. The work proposes the exhibition space as a social art space, and a vital arena for designing and collecting strategies for being together.

FREE ENTRY - Info 340 4137241

Art City White Night

On the occasion of Arte Fiera, Bologna will be filled to the top by contemporary art during Art City White Night. It will be a colorful invasion, festive, hot, loud and buzzing, full of exhibitions and performances, happenings and extraordinary events. Just after Arte Fiera closes its gates, tens of thousands of art lovers will enjoy the uniqueness and special charm of this event, it really is the only one of its kind. 

Astor Piazzola & The History of Jazz

The concert “Astor Piazzola & The History of Jazz” will be held tonight at 9.30pm at Teatro Comunale di Bologna.

Tony Esposito, Mark Kostabi @ FICO

Tony Esposito and Mark Kostabi’s concert will be held tonight at 9.30pm at FICO.

Internationally famous artist Mark Kostabi and internationally famous musician Tony Esposito will perform their original musical collaborations on stage at FICO in Bologna. Kostabi will play keyboards while Esposito performs exotic percussion instruments, including some of his own invention. Their music blends Esposito’s rhythmic Mediterranean roots with Kostabi’s original jazz and classical background