In the occasion of Arte Fiera, Bologna will be filled to the top by contemporary art. It will be a colorful invasion, festive, hot, loud and buzzing, full of exhibitions and performances, happenings and extraordinary events. As every year ART CITY WHITE NIGHT will be on Saturday night. Just after Arte Fiera closes its gates, tens of thousands of art lovers will enjoy the uniqueness and special charm of this event, it really is the only one of its kind.  

This special feature of ART CITY WHITE NIGHT has always been to involve not only art galleries and historical palazzi but also shops, cafes and wine bars in and around Bologna’s city center. 

Therefore try not to  miss the event on Saturday February 3rd, 2018. It is organized by BolognaFiere in partnership with the City of Bologna  municipality together with Bologna’s commercial and cultural entities. 

Everybody is invited, nobody will be excluded. The night has never been so thrilling.  

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