Arte Fiera 2022 was delighted to host Note di Sguardi in its public programme. Note di Sguardi is a photography project involving three districts of three European cities: the centre of Cervia, Santo Stefano in Bologna, and Pankow in Berlin. 36 international artists working in these three cities or in neighbouring areas were asked to select from their archive an image to be printed as a poster. The posters have been affixed in the public space of these districts over the course of a year: every month, a group of three different posters exhibited simultaneously in the three cities.

The project was conceived by Giovanna Sarti (artist and curator) and created in collaboration with Gino Gianuizzi, Eva Scharrer (in the 1st edition), and Sara Bernshausen (in the 2nd). At Arte Fiera, the public can see a selection of the posters created so far in both editions, displayed in the passageway that links the two Halls.

Note di Sguardi: introductory note

Note di Sguardi is a project devoted to photography, to the images that each of us decides to conserve in the continuum of visual impressions that we record every day. One image stands out from the others and materialises in the city as a manifesto: the public space (with all of its visual, auditory and dynamic stimuli) becomes a metaphor of our mind, where everything accumulates randomly. A simple mechanism creates a link between the city and what artists/photographers consider important to save. What strikes them is completely disconnected from their personal research: a piece of a much larger project.

Every month, three posters by three different artists are affixed in Cervia, in Berlin, and in Bologna. Independent images which, just by sharing the same time, testify to a sort of Jungian “collective unconscious.”

People move and weave invisible networks of connections with other people, places, events; images are a form of memory and are themselves memory: they represent and represent themselves simultaneously.

Memory binds to our roots but is not entrenched: limitless, it is free to connect with all sorts of diverse and unexpected stimuli. Always ready, it can be evoked by any roaming fragment of the universe. We remember what we see: an image is visual storytelling of part of our lives.

The curators

Participating artists for Arte Fiera

Ulf Aminde, Alessandra Andrini, Maria Anwander, Sergia Avveduti, Barbara Baroncini, Isabella Bordoni, Adam Broomberg, Giovanna Caimmi, Daniela Comani, Valentina D’Accardi, Cinzia Delnevo, Christina Dimitriadis, Alessandra Dragoni, Giorgio Falco, Irene Fenara, Luca Gambi, Patrizia Giambi, Elena Grossi, Guido Guidi / Cesare Ronconi, Elena Hamerski, Lise Harlev, Nadira Husain, Veronika Kellndorfer, Halina Kliem, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Kristin Loschert, Antonia Low, Malì Erotico, Francesco Mazzolani, Margherita Mercatali, Dörte Meyer, Bruno Muzzolini, Francesco Nonino, Giancarlo Norese, Emanuela Palazzi, Alessandro Pessoli, Andrea Pichl, Francesco Raffaelli, Sabrina Ragucci, Rebecca Raue, Giulia Ricci, Mili Romano, Shirin Sabahi, Chiara Seghetto, Massimo Sordi, Daniela Spagna Musso, Tobias Still, Benedikt Terwiel, Davide Trabucco, Davide Tranchina, Nasan Tur, Markus Uhr, Wolfgang Weileder, Christine Würmell.